Crissy Duckett


Crissy joined Mangus Group in September 2015. Her primary responsibilities are bookkeeping, payroll preparation, and tax preparation. She grew up in Indiana, an only child to very hardworking parents. Their strength greatly influenced her drive and commitment. Crissy was fortunate enough to meet the love of her life, Dave, in 1998, and married him 1 month later. They spent 8 years in Spokane, Washington as her husband progressed through the ranks in the Air Force. In 2000 and 2003, they welcomed their beautiful daughters Arianna and Savannah. Also, during that time Crissy began her degree, focusing on Accounting and Bookkeeping.

In 2005, the family relocated to central California to be near her husband’s family. While there, she excelled in the banking industry, being promoted to Assistant Branch Manager in less than 2 years. In 2008, they returned to her husband’s hometown of Indio, and she spent 2 years focusing on her family and volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. In 2010, Crissy and Dave began their own business. With her prior experience, and Debbie’s guiding hand, they were successful for 5 years. When the opportunity presented itself to join Mangus Group, Crissy jumped at it.

Since arriving, Crissy has become an Enrolled Agent (EA), a federally licensed tax practitioner with unlimited practice rights before the IRS. She is truly honored to serve you in this capacity and looks forward to getting to know you in the years to come.


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